Monday, August 20, 2007

More pics and Better pics of Honduras trip are coming soon...

Back from Honduras

This small building is their old church.

Well I've been back actually since the tenth, but I was a bit sick and then Myndall and I journeyed to Brandon, MS to see our new nephew, Daniel Allan.

Honduras was incredible. Our long day of travel to get there was surpassed only by the many subsequent days of long, hard work. However, it was so awesome to meet the people and see their culture up close. They are warm, hard working people, and I made friends with some of them in spite of our language barrier. I grew especially close to the bus driver who was my partner in nastiness when we ran the mixer each day mixing the mortar for the brick layers. I was reading Ephesians a chapter per day while we were there, and it seemed to dovetail really well with our experience. It talks a lot about being a unified group and growing together in love as we are built up together (kind of like a building for God). Our group was united throughout which was also a great aspect of the trip. Oh yeah, and I got to swim in the Pacific for the first time. :) Enjoy the pics and please pray for the people of Divisadero, Honduras.