Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is one of my favorite books of the Bible. I think it's because you really get to hear Moses speak in this book. It is almost exclusively speeches from him to the people of Israel reminding them, warning them, teaching them, encouraging them, and passing along the last of some specific instructions from God.

He revisits the past tragic history of the previous generation's choices which has led them to this place and time. He also revisits the law by pointing them back to the Sinai experience that they shared and revisits the law itself.

Moses stresses the fact that they themselves saw the fire and heard the voice. They were fed the manna and witnessed his judgment on both the Egyptians and on rebellious Israelites.

I am struck by the structure of the governance of the people. They did have a hierarchy of the priests, levites, and judges that were the community leaders, but as best as I can tell they were to be a "self-policing" people. By that I mean, there seem to be many exhortations to act when laws are observed being broken. The person whose testimony was most central to the verdict was to be the first to throw the stone to kill the guilty. However, if a person was found to be bearing false witness against their neighbor, they bore the punishment that they sought to inflict on the person they were bearing false witness against. The people were to take a proactive role in knowing the law, integrating the law into everyday life AND conversation, and policing things like worship of other gods, murder, blatant disregard for the Sabbath, adultery, etc. They were to "sound the alarm" so to speak.....I think the idea is that sin like all cancer is dealt with most effectively and with the least pain when caught and destroyed early. Otherwise, what may appear to be an act of mercy from our perspective now, may have actually been opening wide a door for widespread corruption of the entire nation and thus a much more damaging problem.

Again and again, Moses spells out blessings AND cursings that would await the people of Israel depending on their choices to either cling to and wholeheartedly embrace God and His statutes or turn their back on Him.

I feel I know the personality of Moses much more because I've read Deuteronomy. Perhaps not the most deep spiritual benefit, but I like Moses....what can I say. Hope you enjoy reading it and will share any of your thoughts with me. 5 down and 61 to go.....Joshua here we come. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Boy

I was puttering through my four years of blog posts recently, and it occurred to me that I have never written a post focused on my son. I suppose I dream of a time when my kids will actually read at least some of these posts. I suppose, therefore, I'll start with why I think it has taken me so long to write a post dedicated to my boy. In a word, speed. Thangs got a tad crazy since parenthood, and we had the luxury of leisurely cataloging Ella in a way that we did not have the luxury of with Elijah. Just know that throughout life, there will be meaningful differences in specifics about you and your sister and the life that confronts you. However, never doubt the intense love your madre and I both have for both of you. I can promise you it is sometimes painfully intense. Nuff said....for now. :)

Okie doke, just a couple of quick thoughts. You have been a different ride altogether than your sister's arrival. From the day we suddenly discovered we were going to have a boy a few weeks early to this very day, you have added to the already wonderful insanity. You were nicknamed "Smiley" for the longest time during your first year, and you successfully balanced out the testosterone levels with the estrogen levels. It was nice to have someone to grunt with for a change. You and your sister have already begun to develop a primarily sweet and fun-to-watch relationship. You began loving the Veggie Tales early, and you literally jump and scream for joy at the earliest awareness that we are about to watch Incredibles (this is apparently during the previews according to a hilarious story told to me by mommy). I miss you, Ella, and mommy with a painful intensity sometimes because of work. Your favority word right now is probably, "no or NO!" But I'm not worried about that. You have a wild, fun side and a very gentle side, and you are so very, very bright just like your sister. I'm glad mommy is yo mommy.

That is some of the unique stuff for you, and now to finish with some stuff I have also told your sis at times in the past. I look forward to discovering you as you discover yourself. You are such a miracle, and God is the ultimate provider of twists and turns so don't ever think you know the next development He has for any of us. Your mother and I were given stewardship of you, but never forget your are ultimately His, and this is the best news I could ever inform you of. He is a better parent than we can ever be. Please avail yourself of his power and love in your life.
Til our next conversation. :) Yo, Daddy.