Monday, September 07, 2009


For new comers to my Bible study type stuff, I am not claiming to be tossing out any profoundly insightful nuggets, but I am hoping for feedbacks in the way of questions, answers, thoughts, observations, and, yes, even the occasional disagreement about something. I am primarily seeking to build more dialogue as a way of life about the scriptures with as many folks who will engage me about it.

Act I Genesis closes on Jacob/Israel being welcomed in Egypt and prospering under the current Pharoah

Act II Exodus opens a few hundred years later with a Pharoah who fears and oppresses Israel.

Oral tradition still the primary method of passing on God's story up to this point, but written record perhaps begins here.

Moses and Aaron are of the tribe of Levi.


1st 40 years--Egyptian royalty after God's intervention

2nd 40 years--Exile into wilderness, meets wife and Jethro(father-in-law) and has two sons

3rd 40 years--Exodus and wilderness

Significance about 40 years number??

Why were Pharoah's magicians able to replicate any of Moses's stuff?

What was the whole burning bush thing about??

Why did the "almost killing Moses at the last minute because of not circumcising his son" thing happen??

Three primary "Scenes" of Exodus

Act II Scene I---Moses/Exodus

Act II Scene II---Wilderness/Sinai/Golden Calf/Law Part I

Act II Scene III---Details about tabernacle

How does that whole "Moses talking God out of wiping out Israel" thing work??

As you can see, I'm pretty free flow with these entries. But that's sort of the idea. This represents things that are straight from my notes while listening to Exodus on CD.

By the way, does anyone know of a particularly high quality audio Bible on Mp3 that is available for download. I'd like to get a copy sometime during the next year.