Friday, March 06, 2009

New Prayer Requests

I have recently been given some new prayer requests for my new prayer requests section of the blog to the right side of the blog. This has caused me to give some thought as to how I should proceed in regards to how many prayer requests should be on the requests section and how long they should stay on there. As a rule, I have decided that MOST of the time, I will limit my prayer list to a total of ten requests that will rotate in and out depending on the specific nature of the requests and how long they have been on the requests section. There WILL be some exceptions to this, but this is to help keep this number of requests at a manageable level for those who will commit to consistently praying for the requests mentioned. I would really appreciate as many as possible taking the time and energy to lifting these requests up regularly.

Also, any time I post new requests, I will essentially notify any who have me on their blog rolls by posting NEW PRAYER REQUESTS as a new blog post title. Thanks.