Saturday, July 30, 2016

Talk amongst yourselves.....If God knew, then why?

In the last couple of months, both of my kids have asked me variations on this question at completely different times and completely independent of the other knowing about it.  Basically, the question goes something like this. 

"Dad, if God knew that Adam and Eve/humans were going to choose sin and all this evil was going to happen in the world, why did he still choose to make them?" or "Why didn't he stop it from happening the way it did in the garden?" 

I gave responses and part of my responses included that we have to acknowledge that some of these questions are not things that we have answers to right now.  However, I did try to give some thoughts to them.  I am curious what your thoughts are....I will probably throw my answers in toward the end, but you know the drill.  Please participate on facebook in the comments section of the link and I will transfer all answers back to the blog when we are done talking about it.  Hoping for some good interaction. 

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Patricia Delcamp said...

My opinion on this matter is probably like a lot of other Christians. God wanted to have a creature He could have a relationship with, love and share with. I point out scriptures such as John 3:16. Also He didn't want this creature to have a relationship because he had to but because he chose to. There are probably lots of other reasons. We will find out for sure when we get to heaven.